As many friends know, I often do yoga, four or more times each week. The style I practice involves a very hot room and a lot of motion — not as hot as Bikram yoga but much more energetic. Result: buckets of sweat (if you are me).

I have been on a quest to find the right implements to practice with. Yoga mats that are billed as “absorbent” get overloaded very easily, and the standard “YogiToes” towel is quickly soaked through.

Then, I saw a guy with a yoga rug and things clicked for me.

I recently purchased an inexpensive rug and all has been joy.

It’s the Yoga Accessories Cotton Yoga Rug.

The yoga rug is exactly the width of a standard yoga mat, and just about 2 inches longer. Best of all, it is absorbent as anything. I get through an entire class without needing an extra towel.

If you practice hot yoga and are looking for something that can handle the sweat, check out a yoga rug. They are inexpensive (about $25) and a joy to practice on. It feels very natural. Note that you do need a mat underneath, but even a 3mm one should do fine.

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