I was just reviewing things as 2009 draws to a close. One thing I was curious about was my Twitter usage. Like many of my friends, 2009 marked a year of significant ramp-up with all forms of social media and especially Twitter, which I first started using in March 2007. So, how do things stack up?

First, I used Tweetstats and Twittercounter to get some basic analytics:

  • Average updates per day: 11.8 (pretty good)
  • Most updates in day: Friday, followed by Tuesday
  • Time of day with the most updates: 10am, followed by 5pm and 9am (I need to work on more early afternoon updates, when more people are using Twitter)
  • Perecentage of “retweets”: 3.8% (I really need to increase that)
  • Percentage of “@” replies: 17.3% (pretty good)
  • Followers: 1,360, was 1,202 three months ago (pretty good)
  • Twitter lists I’m on: 42

All in all, I am pretty happy with these numbers.

I do need to make progress on retweeting others’ material more, I was a bit disappointed to see such a low percentage. What does that mean? It means that, according to the analytics program, I do not share others’ work as much as I could. (Admittedly, it undercounts because it only counts instances of the phrase “RT” which is the convention on Twitter — but often I share material without using the RT term instead opting for “via” or “by” which I believe does not get counted.) As I have said many times, the essence of social media is sharing others’ work, so I need to work on that.

Tweetstats also gave me a rundown of the terms I use most often in my Twitter updates, which I plugged into Wordle to generate a nice word cloud. I was happy with what I saw:

What I Tweet About

What I Tweet About (click to enlarge)

See? The person I mention most is @andreajarrell — those who know me know why this is important! And those words “Thanks” and “Today” give me a nice sense of carpe diem.

Interested in getting ramped up yourself on Twitter? I have written a few how-to’s that might help:

  1. How to get set up
  2. Tips for newbies (what to do once you’re set up)
  3. Tips for intermediate users

Some tips appear on more than one list, as I wrote these all at different times.

How are you doing with your Twitter usage?