I’ve got a conversation in a bit with some folks to talk about using social media in an institutional setting. The organization sees itself as a neophyte when it comes to social media, and is a little timid about going whole-hog.

I think that pretty much describes most larger institutions (and some small ones).

In preaparation for the conversation, I cut this video to get a point across to my colleagues and jump start our conversation. I thought it might be interesting to you, too:

The focus of the video is not on actually using social media. I believe that the key thing many institutions need to think about is how to organize their work to best engage with social media. Many institutions are poorly structured to do that.

The good news is that structuring your content creation and communications properly really just involves streamlining what you do and collecting all content into one stream that you can then pull from.

There’s lots more detail in the video (and I apologize that at some points the audio and video get slightly out of sync, grr) but that’s the basic idea.

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